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Recover and Restore Survivors of Child Sex Trafficking (Texas)

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    State Government

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    Texas Office of the Governor


    The purpose of this program is to build capacity in the state of Texas to recognize, recover and restore child sex trafficking victims. The Child Sex Trafficking Team (CSTT) seeks to build upon existing collaborative efforts with multi-disciplinary anti-trafficking taskforces and coalitions by funding the development or enhancement of victim services programs in those geographic areas served by the taskforces and coalitions, based on identified best and promising practices.

    The CSTTs mission is to:
    • Protect children by building their awareness of and resilience to child exploitation and by curbing demand for child sex trafficking;
    • Recognize child sex trafficking by raising public awareness to help identify child sex trafficking in all its forms;
    • Recover and restore survivors and provide them the immediate and long-term services and supports they need to heal and thrive; and
    • Bring justice to survivors by holding traffickers, buyers, and those who profit from trafficking accountable.
    In 2017, applications were to address one of the following projects:
    1. Community-Based Drop-In Programs - Expansion or enhancement of an existing community-based drop-in program for homeless or other vulnerable youth or young adults to provide services to child sex trafficking victims. The project must provide physical safety, safety planning, individualized case management (including connecting the child to needed medical and behavioral health care, legal and other resources meeting the childs basic needs), survivor support groups, community and relationship building opportunities, and referral to out of home placements as warranted.
    2. Specialized Foster Care Projects For Trafficked Youth - Development of a project that recruits, screens, engages and provides needed supports and resources to specialized foster homes for victims of child sex trafficking. The project must provide evidence-based trauma-informed and responsive clinical and behavioral services in a family-based setting. Proposals should identify how foster parents will be recruited, supported and retained for this challenging population. Projects must have protocols that support the re-engagement of the youth after their withdrawal from therapeutic relationships, a runaway episode or other disruption in service.
    3. Advocacy Programs - Development of a program that recruits, screens, trains, engages, and supervises advocates, including but not limited to survivors of sex trafficking, to provide individualized 24/7 crisis response and ongoing trust-based advocacy to child survivors. Advocates will engage upon immediate identification or recovery by law enforcement and continue in relationship with survivor through treatment and into restoration. Services must include: case management to help meet the childs medical and behavioral health needs; hospital, law enforcement, and judicial/court accompaniment; emotional support; and, as appropriate, support to the childs non-offending family. Applicants must demonstrate plans to keep caseloads low enough to provide meaningful interaction and advocacy to each survivor over the long term.

    History of Funding

    None is available.

    Additional Information

    No more than one project under each project category will be funded within a taskforce or coalitions geographic service area.


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  • Eligibility Details

    Eligible applicants are state agencies; units of local government; hospital districts; nonprofit corporations; federally recognized Native American tribes; universities; colleges; community supervision and corrections departments; hospital and emergency medical facilities that offer crisis counseling, support groups, or other types of victims services; and faith-based organizations that provide direct services to victims of crime.

    Deadline Details

    Applications were to be submitted by February 20, 2017. A similar deadline is anticipated annually.

    Award Details

    Approximately $8,000,000 is available in total funding. Awards will be at least $25,000. There is no maximum award amount. Cost matching of 20% is required.


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