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Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


The OPSG Program supports enhanced cooperation and coordination among Customs and Border Protection (CBP), United States Border Patrol (USBP), and local, Tribal, territorial, state, and Federal law enforcement agencies. The OPSG Program funds investments in joint efforts to secure the United Sta...

Award Description:

Approximately $55,000,000 is anticipated to be available in total funding for FY16 under the Operation Stonegarden (OPSG) program. Awards will last for 36 months. Cost sharing/matching is not required.

Funding under OPSG is distributed based on the risk to the security of the border. Fina...

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Summary: The SHSP is a core assistance program that provides funds to build capabilities at the State, local, tribal, and territorial levels, to enhance our national resilience to absorb disruptions and rapidly recover from incidents both natural and manmade as well as to implement the goals and objectives ...

Award Description:

State allocations may be found in Appendix A of the official program guidance listed in the contact section of this posting. The SAA must obligate at lea...

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Summary: The UASI Program assists high-threat, high-density Urban Areas in efforts to build and sustain the capabilities necessary to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism.

The UASI program is intended to provide financial assistance to address the unique ...

Award Description:The total amount available under the Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) in 2016 is $587,000,000. Awards will last for 36 months. Cost sharing/matching is not required. FY 2016 UASI funds will be allocated based on DHS/FEMA's risk methodology. A list of state/urban area allocations is available i...

Recent Grants

Wolf-Kuhn Foundation

Summary: The Wolf-Kuhn Foundation will provide support for organizations within the following fields of interest:

  • Arts and culture<...

Award Description: Awards vary based on scope and size of project.
West Virginia Division of Justice and Community Services

Summary: The PRO Program is a cooperative effort between schools and law enforcement to:  Improve students attitudes and knowledge of crimi...

Award Description: Award amounts vary.
Department of Justice (DoJ)


This program provides federally-recognized Tribes and Tribal consortia an opportunity to develop a comprehensive and coordinate...

Award Description: Award amounts vary by purpose area. Depending on purpose area, projects may last either 2 to 4 years. Cost sharing/matching is not...

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